Westervelt Lumber produces a wide variety of high-performance products from Southern yellow pine.
Lumber products

From pattern stock to radial decking, our moulder produces an array of products suited to modern building and finishing. Southern yellow pine provides years of functional service, takes finishes readily, or can be left unfinished to age naturally.

Our pattern stock comes in 8' through 16' foot lengths. We offer tongue and groove in standard match, center match, center match V-joint (122 & 116), beaded ceiling, and 105 siding in sizes and grades listed below.

Products   Grades
1" x 4" C and Better
1" x 6" D
1" x 8" #2
2" x 6"  
2" x 8"  

We offer 5-4" x 6" radius edged decking in premium, basic, and standard grades.

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